“Mastu go out, you’re a dead man”: the youtubeur deplores the harassment he suffers on a daily basis… by his fans

I become embittered people” Videographer Théo Becker, alias Mastu has published a retrospective of his past year as a youtuber. If it’s a tradition he honors every year, this time it has a special flavor. The young man with 5 million of subscribers recounts the harassment he is subjected to every day in his video “I need a break“.

The designer specializing in “entertainment“Explains living close to a school, which would be the trigger.I live near a college and I often pass by it. As soon as the students recognized me, some started to follow me and since then it has been around” A series of videos follow where many people come ringing at his door, shout at him and some even try to climb the gate to enter the property. “It happens almost every day, sometimes even at night“, he regrets.

While he explains that most stalkers are clumsy young fans, Joyca’s sidekick sometimes has to deal with more virulent threats. “Mastu, get out, you’re a dead man“, can we hear in one of the clips.

A scourge for influencers

I recognized myself in a lot of things“, reacts the youtubeur Inoxtag. Several videographers on the platform have given their support to Mastu. The “limitless” fans would have become a real scourge for creators whose audience is rather young.

The creator of Loat (collective of youtubers) says he lives with the shutters closed and with as little light as possible to prevent stalkers from believing him at home. He concludes the video by explaining that he won’t be making his comeback until 2023 after a hiatus.”necessary“.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-mastu-sort-t-es-un-homme-mort-le-youtubeur-deplore-le-harcelement-dont-il-est-victime-au-quotidien-par-ses-fans-1423388.aspx