Mathilde Seigner, “as a couple” and “less boring”: her new life

For the series “Une Si Longue Nuit”, Mathilde Seigner puts on the lawyer’s robe of a certain Isabelle. Asked by Télé 7 Jours about her character, the actress confided in her age, her man (her spouse “for 15 years”) and their son Louis… The star who gets better “as she gets older” also revealed to Us Both what she had decided to do…

Mathilde Seigner is back on the small screen, headlining the new event series such a long night broadcast from this Thursday, January 20 on TF1. In this soap opera, she plays a lawyer named Isabelle Courville, who is close to the strong character of the actress… If the artist of 53 years oldadmits to havingtend to be like her” in a magazine interview TV 7 Days, is she really vsannoying, surly, never satisfied” on a daily basis just like his character?

“About me, boring, I’m a little less boring than before, because I’m getting old, observed the actress. “Curly, I still am. On the other hand, I have a rather positive nature. she added.

Mathilde Seigner evokes her companion and the daily life

Mathilde Seigner also mentioned “the fear of commitment” of the fictitious magistrate. Herself in a relationship for fifteen years with the cameraman Mathieu Petit, the sister of Emmanuelle Seigner also finds a common point there: I’m not a daily nut and I’m not very good at couples in general, although I’ve had one for fifteen years”.

Mother of Louis, 14, the actress recognizes that this is “of a real job to be a “housewife”, an actress moreover, to manage her frailties, her job, the pressure, her child...”. So many roles with which Mathilde Seigner juggles day after day, she who concedes that “nothing is acquired, neither to be a wife, nor to be a mother”.

Mathilde Seigner takes a break in the South: what she will do

In addition to his role in such a long night, Mathilde Seigner will also soon appear in the TV movie The Child of the Righteous and the movie Rocker Choir, which is scheduled for release in October. So many intense projects for the actress, who has decided to grant herself a few months of rest far from the film sets. I had some nice offers, but I declined them.. I bought myself a house in the South. I will enjoy it, develop it and simply live. I will go back on horseback. I had stopped a bit because my work was extremely demanding”, she explained to the magazine We both.

“Taking breaks allows you to find ‘the desire to want’, as my friend Johnny used to say. Because, when we chain, we do average things too, and I want to do really good things“, continued the ex-girlfriend of Antoine Duléry and Laurent Gerra, who will now enjoy simple pleasures.

Mathilde Seigner has “had enough of comedy”

The one who distinguished herself in the first two films Camping in 2006 and 2010 gradually shifted to more serious characters over time. I’ve had enough of comedy, in a general way. It’s less my thing these days. I want to turn to more dramatic things. Comedies are more random, because a failed comedy is scary. A not very good drama is less serious…“, concluded Mathilde Seigner in We both.