Mathilde Seigner looks back on the relationship she had with Johnny Hallyday

By Tristan Mieger

– Published on 07 Jan 2023 at 11:30 am

Faced with Bernard Montiel, Mathilde Seigner revealed some crisp details about her friendship with Johnny Hallyday.

Since December 28, Mathilde Seigner is starring in the movie choir of rockers. To promote the film by Ida Techer and Luc Bricault, the actress continues interviews in various media. On RFM, she notably decided to say more about her friendship with Johnny Hallyday. A relationship which, according to his words, was sometimes subject to a few small disputes. Explanations.

Mathilde Seigner very cash on her relationship with Johnny

This Saturday, January 7, Mathilde Seigner’s interview with Bernard Montiel will be broadcast. RFM. In an exclusive excerpt unveiled by Gala, we hear the actress talking about Johnny Hallyday. It must be said that she was very close to the singer. For her, the rocker is one of those people who are missing, without whom we are bored:“Which are greatly lacking with their immense qualities, faults… Quite in fact”. But despite their sincere friendship, the actress and the singer could have many disagreements:“We argued a lot yes”.

Mathilde Seigner

It’s not the first time that Mathilde Seigner speaks like that of his relationship with Johnny Hallyday. Indeed, a few days ago, she had done the same. For our colleagues from Paris Matchthe actress had explained that their friendship was based on trust but also on frankness: “ We had a special relationship Johnny and I. I told him what I thought, at the risk of offending him. My frankness changed him from his court of flatterers“. A beautiful friendship, then.