Mathilde Seigner tired: the actress takes a very big break…

She is currently on all fronts. On January 20, 2022, TF1 will broadcast the first episode of the series such a long night. The one who embodies Isabelle, the program’s lawyer, is Mathilde Seigner. But the 53-year-old actress has other tricks in her hat since she will also soon be appearing in the TV movie The Child of the Righteous, which she shot for France Télévisions, and the film choir of rockers, by Ida Techer and Luc Bricault, on October 26th.

I had some nice offers, but I declined them.

After the effort, Mathilde Seigner deserves a little comfort. This is why she has planned several months without activity in her diary. “It is voluntary, she assures in the magazine We both. I had some nice offers, but I declined them. I bought myself a house in the South. I will enjoy it, develop it and simply live. I will go back on horseback. I had stopped a bit because my work was extremely demanding. Taking breaks allows you to find ‘the desire to want’, as my friend Johnny used to say. Because, when we chain, we do average things too, and I want to do really good things.

I’ve had enough of comedy

This is an opportunity for the actress to enjoy life, her companion Mathieu Petit and their son Louis – 14 years old – but also to consider things that suit her better. Known for many comic roles, including that of Sophie Gatineau in the first two installments of the saga Camping, the great friend of Yves Rénier has chosen to turn to more serious projects, less prone to laughter. “I’ve had enough of comedy, in general, adds Mathilde Seigner. It’s less my thing these days. I want to turn to more dramatic things. Comedies are more random, because a failed comedy is scary. A not very good drama is less serious…

Find the interview with Mathilde Seigner in the magazine Nous Deux, n°3890 of January 18, 2022.