Matilda Netflix: Emma Thompson as Tronchatoro and who’s who in the new movie

The Matilda film released in 1996 marked several generations until becoming one of the favorites of many and with the new adaptation the comparisons are present.

After 26 years, the magic behind the story of a little girl returns to the screen with the appearance of renewed characters. and some changes that were adapted to a modern society.

Yes ok, both versions are based on the novel written by Roald Dahl in 1988, but of course, since it is an adaptation, the 2022 film has significant changes.

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The essence of the story remains in general, with a super intelligent girl who lives with parents who do not value her and send her to a school where her life begins to take a different path.

Differences between the 1996 film and 2022

One of the main differences is that the new film is a musical, but it should also be noted that the Matilda who stars in this film does not have her magical powers that were so distinguished in the first version.

Another aspect that caught the attention of Matilda’s followers is that in the new adaptation the little protagonist is an only child and the absence of an older brother changes the meaning of the plot a bit.

In 1996, one of the favorite scenes of everyone who saw the original movie, is the moment in which Tronchatoro forces a student to eat a giant chocolate cake.

The famous phrase “You can Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce”, in support of Bruce, Matilda’s partner who managed to end up with a tremendous dessert, does not appear in the new version either.

As for the characters, some might expect some resemblance to the above and it is here where it is more easily appreciated that it is an adaptation to today’s society.

This was the transformation of Emma Thompson to Tronchatoro

In every movie it always stands out the participation of a specific actor who manages to impress with his great performance, in this case it was the turn of the actress Emma Thompson.

His adaptation to the character of Tronchatoro managed to impact the followers of Matilda since to achieve the characterization of a rude protagonist, she went through an incredible transformation.

The work of the make-up artists for the personification of the director Tronchatoro is worth applauding.

From the adjustment of a false chin to enlarge Emma Thompson’s face, Until modifying other facial features such as his nose and adding dark circles.

The character of Tronchatoro in the 1996 version is distinguished by his typical high bun hairstyle, something that could not be missing in the new adaptation.

The official page of Netflix Latino, shared a small video of the transformation process of actress Emma Thompson to Tronchatoro and the change is very noticeable.

In general, each of the new characters added a new touch to Matilda’s musical, but without a doubt the one that most preserved its originality was the development of the famous British actress.

Differences and similarities between the actors of Matilda

The little protagonist Matilda in the 2022 adaptation is performed by 12-year-old Alisha Weir and who had a part in the movie “Don’t leave home”.

Although, the comparison of this new Matilda with that of 1996 does not thas many significant differencesIn the case of other characters the changes are very noticeable.

To promote the theme of inclusion, it continues to be present in new film productions and a clear example is Miss Honey.

The actress Lashana Lynch of English origin, is the one who plays one of the most beloved characters by the followers of Matilda, but Unlike the original character, this time Miel is a woman of color.

On the other hand, the best friend of the little protagonist in the 1996 film was dark-skinned and in the adaptation you can see a light-skinned girl.

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In the case of the famous “Bruce” it is a child who is not overweight, as could be seen in the original version.

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