Matilda on Netflix: they release the first trailer for the musical and release date

We all remember Mara Wilson for her performance as Matilda in the 1996 film, where the cute little girl conquered everyone thanks to her super telepathic powers with which she was able to defeat her abusive director.

However, now a new version has arrived that will be released by Netflix and here we bring you the premiere of the first trailer, as well as the characterization of Emma Thompson who will play the fearsome Tronchatoro on this occasion.

This film is based on the hit musical adapted by Dennis Kelly and the classic novel by Roald Dahl.

Once again we can see little Matilda, a girl with great intelligence who takes refuge in books when she feels trapped with her unpleasant family and the director of her school.

In the preview we can see the iconic scenes that undoubtedly made this story famous, such as when Bruce eats the huge chocolate cake, as well as when Tronchatoro takes one of Matilda’s friends by the braids and throws her through the patio of the college.

In this new musical, Lashana Lynch (known for her role as Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel) will play Miss Honey, while Alisha Weir (Don’t Leave Home) will be the iconic Matilda and actors Andrea Riseborough and Stephen Graham will play her horrible parents.

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It will be in December of this year when the musical reaches the catalog of the streaming platform just in time for the little ones to enjoy this new version just before the holiday dates.