Matilda: what becomes of Mara Wilson, who played the little girl in the 1996 film?

Matilda, a film adapted from the cult book by Roald Dahl, was adapted to the cinema by Danny DeVito in 1996 and is adapted again by Netflix. In 1996, in the title role, we found the talented 9-year-old actress Mara Wilson. Now 35, she continues a discreet career as an actress.

Surely you remember Matildathe cult children’s novel by Roald Dahl, also author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Where Fantastic Master Fox. This true best-seller which has crossed the generations has been the subject of several adaptations, in cinema or in musicals. This December 25, 2022, a remake of the film arrives on Netflix.

Matilda tells the story of a lonely little girl gifted with telekinesis, the magical power to move objects by force of thought. The synopsis for the Netflix adaptation perfectly sums up Roald Dahl’s book: “Matilda Verdebois is a little girl with a crazy curiosity, a quick mind and the worst parents in the world! While the latter spend their time watching junk TV and hatching dubious money-making schemes, Matilda loves getting lost in the pages of her favorite books. As much as her parents are loud, selfish, and mean beings, Matilda is a silent observer… who cooks up small acts of rebellion and revenge.

I was a straight girl in a place where I didn’t really belong

In 1996, Danny DeVito had adapted the novel to the cinemastarring 9-year-old Mara Wilson in the title role. If the little girl had made a strong impression, she did not find such important roles during her career. Today, the actress is 35 years old. We could see it in the film Thomas and the Magic Railroadthe TV series Broad City and hear his voice in the animated series BoJack Horseman.

In her private life, Mara Wilson is committed to the rights of LGBTQIA+ people. In June 2016, after the homophobic mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, she decided to publicly reveal her bisexuality. On Twitter, she posted a photo of herself at 18 in a gay nightclub, along with the following message: “I feel uncomfortable watching this now. I was a straight girl in a place where I didn’t really belong, but I always felt at home there.“A beautiful message of tolerance from the one who lives today from her pen.