Matthias Reim Christin Stark: First baby photo but sad news

Matthias Reim and Christin Stark: First photo of their daughter! Then comes the sad news

4/26/2022 at 10:44 p.m

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She is her luck, big as a planet. Or rather as big as a very small planet. Because Zoe, the daughter of Matthew Reim and Christine Starkis just under a month old.

And yet: the little one is already the pride of the Schlager dream couple. Now published Christine Stark little girl’s first photo, her first and Matthew Reims seventh child is

Matthias Reim and Christin Stark reveal: Their little daughter is called Zoe

We see Zoe’s little hands, she lies on her mother’s chest, who wears a chain with her daughter’s name. The 32-year-old wife of pop star Matthias Reim writes: “We’re only enjoying our first important and intensive time together at home.”


This is Matthias Reim:

  • Matthias Reim was born on November 26, 1957 in Korbach
  • His biggest hit was “Damn, I love you”
  • In the 90s, Matthias Reim was in a relationship with hit colleague Michelle
  • Their child, Marie Reim, is also a pop singer


A message that is beautiful on the one hand, but also sad on the other. After all, fans had been looking forward to seeing the new mom back on stage this month.

Matthias Reim has to celebrate the Schlagerfest without his wife

Christin Stark was announced together with her husband Matthias Reim for “Das Große Schlagerfest.XXL” by and with Florian Silbereisen. The young mother is now skipping that, as the organizer Semmel announced on Instagram.

The concert organizer shared Christin Stark’s picture and wrote: “Dear Christin, the Semmel team wishes you and your family all the best! Enjoy the newly won family happiness. Even if you can’t be part of “Das Große Schlagerfest.XXL” this year, we look forward to celebrating with you again soon.”


More info about Matthew Reim:


The “Schlagerfest” tour starts on April 26 in Riesa. The show will be in Erfurt on May 15, and Silbereisen will be in Dortmund with his colleagues on May 22. You can find all dates here.