Matthieu Gallet: what he blames Emmanuel Macron about the rumors of a hidden affair

In his book, Power Games, Matthieu Gallet, the former director of Radio France, settles accounts with many personalities, including Emmanuel Maron. The Head of State had publicly mentioned a rumor of a hidden affair between the two men.

Matthieu Gallet directed Radio France, between 2014 and 2018, a period that he experienced very badly and that he recounts in his book, Power games (ed. Books), to be published on May 12. In addition to one of the biggest strikes in the history of public service radio, the man who is now the head of the podcast platform Majelan told the many blows of which he was the victim during his mandate. In an interview with the newspaper The Parisianthis Saturday, May 7, he spoke of the reproaches he had to make to Emmanuel Macron.

These date back to 2017, when the one who was only a candidate at the time, publicly mentioned, during a meeting, the rumors that made him and Matthieu Gallet lovers. “I learned about it on Twitter. On the form, I regret that he did not warn me. It would have been more elegant of her. It’s a matter of respect“, he told the Parisianbefore adding: “But it was good that he silenced the rumor, especially with humor. The target was him. I was just an instrument to weaken herwhen we were never close.”

I found it disgusting

When Matthieu Gallet discovered the rumors that made him and Emmanuel Macron lovers, he did not understand: “I found it disgusting to tell lies to smear a man, a couple. My grandmother even received an e-mail which assured that photos were coming out“Fortunately, she didn’t last long.”Emmanuel Macron managed to deflate all this, but some still believe in it. I needed my turn to dismantle this rumor. In my opinion, it came from the socialists, his own grassroots political family“, he confided. In this book, Matthieu Gallet returned at greater length to this episode of his mandate as director of Radio France.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: Denis Guignebourg / Bestimage