Mauricio Martínez returned to Mexico to denounce Toño Berumen for harassment

“My moral obligation is to do what I did: denounce that criminal,” he wrote. Mauricio Martinez on his Instagram account, since he returned to Mexico to initiate legal proceedings against Tono Berumenafter accusing him of harassment.

The producer and former manager of various groups such as Mercurio, Magneto and other stars such as Fey and Danna Paola now dedicates his life to the Catholic Church; He was the representative in Mexico of the Vatican Museums, he was in charge of the replica of the Sistine Chapel in CDMX.

But after seeing that Sasha Sökol broke the silence about the abuse he suffered from Luis de Llano, Mauricio Martínez also decided to talk about what he lived with Toño Berumen, who wanted to go too far with him when he started his career.

First he broke the silence on social networks, but now he traveled to Mexico (he lives in New York) to formally denounce Berumen. The successful theater actor visited the “Hoy” program and explained that he tells the truth and is sure that justice will be done.

“I am right and I am speaking the truth. This is an injustice, it is a crime and it cannot remain unpunished, I invite the victims of this man, those who do not believe us, to denounce their aggressors, and They tell us, and if they want to report them, and I’m going to help them so that this doesn’t happen anymore. It can’t happen again.”

He invited possible victims to write to the email [email protected] to break the silence.

Mauricio also sent a message to parents who have children with dreams of succeeding in the middle. “They give their children to predators without knowing that they are predators. I was 23 years old to push that person. How many parents trust these people because they promise to make them stars, and they guarantee that they will take care of them.”

“This is something that does not discriminate gender or age, it happens to all of us. Speak up, do not allow them to revictimize you, or side with these criminals, they will use all their power to try to stop you, but nothing will stop you.” stop if the truth is on your side,” he reflected.

Sexual harassment can be punished from one year 6 months to 4 years in prison, in addition to the fact that there may be compensation for the damage and other benefits to the victims.