Mauricio Ochman reveals how he deals with his daughter’s first boyfriend – New Woman

Mauricio Ochman He has always been very transparent about his personal life since that has helped him feel accompanied and face various situations with a new perspective.

The actor is one of the most beloved by the public for his gallantry and charisma, in addition to being recognized for his histrionic talent in series such as “El Chema”.

Ochmann recently opened up about one of the most distressing moments for any father and that is that his daughter Lorenza already has a boyfriend.

The actor has always been very close to his daughters Lorenza and Kailanni because he knows that it is important that they know that they can always count on him.

Mauricio Ochmann is honest about his rehabilitation process and the consequences he faced

This is how in a recent interview, Ochmann recounted his feelings regarding his daughter’s first courtship. “She already has her boyfriend, everything is going very well…”, he confessed. “The truth is that well, the truth is that I am very calmI have always wanted my daughters to feel confident, to feel the support and love of their father…”.

Mauricio Ochmann is honest about his eldest daughter and reveals that he will always support her

Life has not been easy for Mauricio Ochman so the only thing you want is to give the best to your family.

Mauricio married for the first time in 2003 with the architect Maria Jose del Valle Prieto. A year later they conceived their only daughter, lorenza. However, they ended up divorcing in 2008.

“I love being in contact with my daughter and that we have an open, trusting relationship; I like to give her place. It is very important that she feels that she has a father, not just a friend. As her dad, I have to teach her a good life lesson and teach her her limits. What scares me the most is not becoming a great example for @lorenzao16. I know that I am going to water it at some point, but hopefully it will be as little as possible! ”, Reads a publication that the actor shared.

Despite the fact that both are the result of two different relationships and that he cannot always see them, Mauricio does not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the time he has by his side.

“Thank you for everything you have taught me without even knowing it, today I am a better human being thanks to you. @lorochmann I LOVE YOU deeply!! 💕 #happysunday”

His daughter Lorenza has always been one of his greatest motivations to improve

It is no secret that the actor experienced moments of darkness between addictions and the depression that resulted from it. He himself has spoken of the moment in which he even thought of taking his own life because “nothing was enough anymore” and how entering rehab was the best decision he could make.

After seeing everything lost, the actor decided that he wanted to change for the good of his eldest daughter, who was very young and needed him.

“That moment was very strong because something inside me said ‘Mau you have lived a life of death; You have been trying to survive everything that has happened to you. Why don’t you give yourself a chance to live?’” she confessed in an interview with People.

Finally it was his then wife who took him to a rehabilitation center and accompanied him throughout the process. Today, Ochmann enjoys his career and his life next to Lorenza and Kailani.

Ochmann is now in a moment of great stability with Burrola, in addition to continuing to add new challenges. professionals like “The Braves” It just premiered on HBO.