Mauricio Ochmann attends the premiere of “Without you I can’t” and triumphs in Spain

luck smiles at Mauricio Ochman Well, he is having a great season of projects that have catapulted his career to new horizons.

The actor came to Malaga Film Festival, where the film “Without you I can’t”, by director Chus Gutiérrez, was premiered in a Mexico-Spain co-production. . Ochmann shares credits with Maite Perroni and the Spanish actor, Alfonso Bassave.

The feature film has already premiered at said festival but will hit Mexican movie theaters in April.

“It was a very nice experience presenting our film I CAN’T WITHOUT YOU at the @festivalmalaga, what a nice response and what a nice reception!! Thank you all!! @maiteperroni @alfonsobassave @pedrocasablanc_ @rubenochandiano @chus_lagutierrez @alvaro05at @maria_luisa_gtz @frank_arizaaa @javiersalmones.aec,” the actor wrote on Instagram.

With this project, ochmann breaks with everything we had seen before in his career by play a gay character.

The actor did not miss the opportunity to travel to Spain to be part of the premiere of the film, filling with applause and stealing sighs.

It was through his stories on his Instagram account that Ochmann shared what he experienced on the red carpet of the event. In addition, he showed great affection for his fans as he stopped to drink selfie and sign autographs.

What is “Without You I Can’t” about?

David (played by Mauricio Ochman) lives with her boyfriend Álex (Alfonso Bassave) and are evaluating the possibility of having a child either through adoption or surrogacy. That’s when Blanca appears (Maite Perroni), David’s sister, from whom she was estranged. And it is that in the past she committed an accidental crime for which she was framed and imprisoned. Her return gives David and Álex a 180° turn, so we will witness a story full of mystery, betrayal, passion and obsession.

The tape was recorded in Madrid during 2021, so it has been a long wait for its premiere.

Ochmann continues to grow and expand in the industry

The actor has conquered everyone with his handsomeness and great charisma, but he has also shown great histrionic talent. Although he has participated in soap operas, it is more common to see him in series and cinemas.

In 2003 she participated in the movie “Ladies Night” and in 2005 she appeared in “See, hear and shut up” along with Luis Felipe Tovar and Paola Nunez. He also participated in the movie “Three”, by Carlos Valdivia.

Among the last films in which he participated are “Do it like a man” (2017) and “We’ll see” (2018).

Ochmann has become one of the television favorites for his participation in projects such as “El clone” (2010), “Capadocia” (2012) and “El Señor de los Cielos” (2013-2015). His great opportunity to be the protagonist of an action series came with “El Chema”, a Mexican-American television series produced by Argos Comunicación for Telemundo in 2016. It is a spin-off of the series “El Señor de los Cielos” which made him a creditor of great international recognition.

In recent years Ochmann was related to the Derbez due to his marriage to Aislinn Derbez. Following the divorce, the actor has refocused on his acting career. At the same time, he has shown himself to be a dedicated father and how important it is to have a good relationship with the mother of his daughter.