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“In tastes and colors, there are no authors.” Says a well-known phrase in which everyone is free to express their opinion, but many times there are comments foolish that instead of being constructive they are destructive. Mauricio Ochmann can attest to this by making his debut as singer thinking that it would be well received by their fans, but they themselves “buried” it by stating that it is not their genre.

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Mauricio Ochmann, who has a daughter with Aislinn Derbez, decided to venture into the world of music with his single called “En defensa propia”, which is now available on all streaming platforms.

“Happy to share my first video “In self defense”. To see it complete link in Bio. My EP “Origen” now available on digital platforms”, Wrote the renowned 45-year-old Mexican actor on his Twitter account instagram.

The clip quickly went viral on social networks and artists like Omar Chaparro, Alejandra Ambrosi and Juan Diego Covarrubias showed their full support after debuting in a new genre.

Likewise, his girlfriend Paulina Burrola also dedicated some tender words to him for embarking on a career as a singer. However, not all were positive comments about it.

Users had no mercy

Although it is true, the video was very well received by various celebrities in Mexico, a large number of followers did not agree to see him venture into music.

“Oh no, why are you doing this, Mau. Such a good actor”, “No, thanks. Nice try”, “This is a joke, right? Fatal”, are some of the cruel messages that can be read. We’ll see if Ochmann takes these suggestions into consideration or goes ahead with the music.

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