Mauro Icardi’s controversial message for Wanda Nara and her family full of “good wishes”

Though Wanda Nara has emphasized on more than one occasion that they are separate and that it is final, Mauro Icardi He seems not to lose hope that the situation will be reversed and they can rebuild the relationship.

Even days before Wanda confirmed the breakup and spoke for the first time about the separation, icardi He continued to insist that they were in crisis, but flatly denied that they were no longer together.

After that contradiction, which logically left him in a very uncomfortable and bad place, the footballer began with ranting messages against the media, with criticism, questioning and reproach.

The photo published by Mauro Icardi.
The photo published by Mauro Icardi.

However, he also had publications in which he expressed himself very loving when with Wanda, conspicuously as if they were together or as if they had reconciled, something that did not happen.

Now, on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve festivities, given the distance, since Wanda decided to share it with his family, Mauro Icardi He returned with his messages on social networks dedicated to her and her children.

“Thank you 2022 for the good things and such beautiful moments lived. Thank you also for every moment when things did not go as well or as I wanted because that was when I became stronger,” he said. icardi.