Max Margrave of Baden: Cousin of King Charles III. is dead

Max Margrave of Baden
Cousin of King Charles III. is dead

After the death of his mother, King Charles III. cope with another loss shortly before the turn of the year. Cousin Max Margrave of Baden died in his native Baden-Württemberg. The head of the house of Baden was 89 years old.

The British royal family had another loss to mourn at the end of the year: Max Margrave of Baden, a first cousin of King Charles III, died on December 29 at Salem Castle in Baden-Württemberg. The house of Baden announced this on its website. He was 89 years old. His successor is now Bernhard Margrave of Baden, “the previous hereditary prince” and son of the deceased.

According to the information, Max Margrave of Baden was born in Salem Castle in 1933. After the end of World War II he attended Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland. In 1963, after the death of his father, Berthold Margrave of Baden, he took over the management of the estates of the House of Baden.

As the head of the house, Max Margrave of Baden promoted winegrowing on Lake Constance, had modern ship piers built and campsites set up. The aristocratic family of Baden can look back on almost a thousand years of history. From 1112 to 1918, the Grand Duchy of Baden was the ruler in the Baden part of what is now the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

King Charles III has not yet commented on the loss of his relative. The deceased’s mother, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, was a sister of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II – and thus a first cousin of Charles and his siblings.

Max Margrave of Baden leaves behind his wife Valerie, with whom he has been married since 1966, three children and four grandchildren. According to Haus Baden, both an open and a closed funeral service are planned.