Mayra Couto publishes a new photo with her boyfriend, but continues to play the intrigue about her wedding | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

Months after he revealed that he planned to propose to his partner, Mayra Couto She surprised her followers again by posting a photo with her fiancé, about whom very little is known.

The Peruvian actress turned to her account Instagram to dedicate the song “I want to see you again” by El Aldeano, and accompanied his publication with an emotional photo of both with the horizon in the background.

“Bed? Sorry no, I was in a cloud. I don’t know if it happened to you, but I felt that the sky was drawn in the smell of your hair. I saw your caramel face and said here is a wedding without a veil”wrote the remembered ‘Grace Gonzalez’ from “In the background there is room”.

The publication quickly caught the attention of Internet users, and there was no lack of user who urged the actress to give more details of her fiancé. “Colombian or Peruvian?”, was one of the questions from his followers.

In this way, Mayra Couto continues to cause intrigue regarding his upcoming wedding. Although it is the second time that she shows her partner through social networks, the actress has not revealed her identity publicly.

Let us remember that, in November 2021, the artist surprised when talking about the possibility of being the one who ‘asks for her partner’s hand’.

I will be the one who asks. I hope he accepts me because it would be a bit of an avocado. Lie! He already knows! Sorry, he doesn’t like surprises and he has valid arguments”, he added Mayra Couto.


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