Mayrín Villanueva and the ideal family game for the holidays

Mayrín Villanueva reveals the ideal family game for these holidays

The December festivities are over, although we still have the rosca de reyes To close with a flourish, that is why Mayrín Villanueva decided to share the ideal game to enjoy with the family, very fun, dynamic and entertaining.

If you are one of the people who usually play Family gamesthis note is of interest to you, since Mayrín Villanueva revealed what is the ideal one to enjoy this holiday season, and it is about puzzles, images that you must put together with small parts divided into equal sizes.

It was through a story where the star of Televisa He boasted how happy he is to share these moments in the company of his three children, the truth is that they look quite funny and excited to finish the image, I imagine the desperation.

Mayrín Villanueva overflows with love for her children

In addition to revealing her favorite family game, Mayrín Villanueva boasted a photograph with her offspring, all very smiling from spending these dates with her mother, even her son balconied her, since she revealed that she still dismisses him to sleep like when he was a child.

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“My mom still says goodnight to me as a little boy” to which Mayrín Villanueva responded delighted and proud, “hahaha I love you, you will always be my most beloved child”, she also dedicated an I love you to each of her daughters.

Mayrín Villanueva reveals the ideal family game for these holidays

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Mayrín Villanueva has always been characterized as a loving mother, since she has also repeatedly Romina Poza It has revealed how the conscious, without a doubt, mother’s love has no age, they continue to see us as little ones despite the years.

Mayrín Villanueva reveals the ideal family game for these holidays

He has not revealed anything about New Year’s Eve dinner, although he sure had a divine time in the company of his family. So far these are the only news that the actress has shared, although we hope that during the day she will show off her reheated.

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