Mayrín Villanueva poses with her daughter Romina Poza, and at 51 she looks like her sister

If there is someone capable of defying the passing of the years with his beautyis the Mexican actress Mayrin Villanueva, who, once again, shows that, like good wines, it is getting better and better. Proof of this is her new pose with her daughter Romina Pozaverifying that at 51 she looks like her sister.

It was through his Instagram account that the star of the comedy series Neighbourswhere she plays the nice Silvita, showed off her beautiful daughter, the model Romina Pozaproduct of her marriage to the actor Jorge Poza. Definitely like-like, like-like splinter.

The beautiful protagonist of the successful telenovela If they let uswhere she played the selfless Alicia Montiel, looked very beautiful and very young with Romina in a selfie that the young model took, while her mother posed behind her with an angelic face.

“I love you, thank you for always being my partner Romina Poza,” he wrote next to the publication.

And it is that, in addition to sharing her best features and great beauty, Mayrin Villanueva Y Romina Poza They can boast a strong and beautiful bond that unites them, not only because of their relationship as mother and daughter, but also because they have become great friends, accomplices and companions for everything.

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Even now that Mayrin Villanueva is immersed in a new project, the telenovela Vencer la Ausencia, as part of the franchise of Mexican melodramas created by Rosy Ocampo; Romina also occasionally accompanies the actress to the recordings.

There, the mother of Sebastian Poza Y Julia Santamarina gives life to Esther, a mother who loses her son and at the same time suffers from the pain that her husband, played by the actor David Zepedafaces this painful loss with indifference.

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In this new telenovela, of which some details have already been given and the first images of its characters and locations through its cast’s own social networks, we can appreciate the beautiful Mayrin Villanueva sporting a new and jovial style, with darker hair and thick, straight fringe in front.

“With Nailea I’m going to have some really cool scenes, we’re already rehearsing and recording; We are four friends along with Ariadne Díaz and Alejandra Barrios, with whom we get along well in real life.”

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