Mayrín Villanueva shared a photo of her mother on Mother’s Day and her fans pointed out their great resemblance | Famous

Mayrín Villanueva is identical to her mother, according to her fans

Through her Instagram stories, Villanueva shared an emotional portrait of when she was a child. In the image she is accompanied by her mother, Dolores Ulloa, when she was young.

“I love you mommy. Thank you for your love, support, daily trust. I know that you are always for me ”, was the brief description with which she accompanied the photograph.

After the publication, Internet users did not hesitate to point out the great resemblance of the artist to her mother, whom they thanked for Mayrín’s life.

“You are identical to your mother”, “Like two drops of water” and “Wow, identical” are some of the comments that her followers left on the portrait.

In addition to this, Mayrín posted a more recent photo in which she appears with her mother. The original post was made by one of her fan club who.

“Thank you Dolores Ulloa for bringing into this world such a great being who gives us so much love, affection and above all talent,” was the message in the description of the photo. On her part, Mayrín wrote: “Congratulations to the mothers we admire.”

Mayrín Villanueva’s children dedicated tender messages to her on Mother’s Day

On the other hand, the protagonist of ‘Lie to live’ also received beautiful congratulations from her offspring: Romina, Sebastián and Julia. Villanueva’s eldest daughter, who was born as a result of the relationship between Mayrín and Jorge Poza, published a photo with her mother and pointed out how proud she is to be her daughter.

“What pride to celebrate this day by your side. But more pride that you are my mom. I applaud you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication, effort, unconditional love and presence every day. It would be nothing if it weren’t for you,” reads the image.

Sebastián, who follows in the footsteps of his parents in entertainment, shared a snapshot with his mother when he was little, which he described with a tender “I love you, Mayrin Villanueva.”

Finally, the youngest of the family, Julia Santamarina, also showed off her love for Mayrín: “I love you, you are the best mother in the world. Thank you for always being by my side. I love you, have a great time ”, she reads herself in the text.

What did you think of Mayrín Villanueva’s congratulations to her mother? Do you think the actress looks like Dolores Ulloa?