Mcfly and Carlito: They unveil a documentary on their tour!

Mcfly and Carlito are Youtubers, followed by more than 7 million subscribers on their channel. Between the two young men, it is a long story of friendship. Indeed, since their youngest age, they are friends and inseparable! Together, they have launched big challenges on their Youtube channel, such as transforming their bodies. Besides, the challenge is successful. Indeed, the two handsome boys have lost a lot of weight and gained muscle! But they continue to train hard every day so as not to gain back their old pounds! Last week, Mcfly and Carlito went viral in just a few minutes. The reason ? They published a hilarious video with prestigious guests, such as Jonathan Cohen, Leila Bekhti or Géraldine Nakache! In this video, each guest had to tell a shame he experienced in his life! Internet users were charmed by these anecdotes, as evidenced by the comments left under their video!

Mcfly and Carlito: Their dream tour!

Always, Mcfly and Carlito make music. Indeed, young, they had a rock band with their friends. But for several months, the two boys have decided to bring together the members of their youth group, in order to create an album. Unfortunately, the fans of the youtubers were not conquered by their titles. Very hardworking, Mcfly and Carlito have therefore modified their music to make it more rock!

video Mcfly and Carlito

This morning, the two friends unveiled an exclusive documentary on their tour! In the images we can follow their rehearsals, and their reactions after their first concert! Unfortunately, Carlito fell ill on their last date! But, despite the fever, the young man was able to ensure the show! Under the video, subscribers commented: “Incredible this video, we feel all the emotion of this crazy experience. And McFly’s words to his daughter are just perfect” or even “It’s incredible with the flop that your album did when it was released, as you were able to learn from it and fall back on your feet. ” Good job guys !