Medium says that he contacted Darío Gómez and that he is in “paradise”; received criticism

Darío Gómez, considered one of the greatest artists of Colombian popular music, passed away on July 26 at the Las Américas Clinic in Medellín. The iconic singer was 71 years old.

After spending several days in the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit, the body of the man from Antioquia was transferred to the Santa Gema church, where a private mass was celebrated in his honor, before he was buried in the Campos de Paz cemetery.

“The only thing I have for Darío Gómez is gratitude. Children might say that you are the result of all that your father did for you. His grandchildren will be able to say, I was the adoration of him and he was in the most exciting moments of my life. We are on a path with the footprints that he left, “he said. the priest who officiated the funeral.

Despite all the tributes he received in recent days, this week there was a fact that outraged the followers of the emblematic ‘King of Spite’, because a medium claimed to have contacted him, for which he experienced a supposed special event .

The subject, in the same way, indicated in a video published on Tik Tok that the renowned popular music artist would have manifested through him to send a message of tranquility.

“I have to tell all the Colombian people, that I feel very happy where I am and that they remember that nobody in the world is eternal”, initially indicated the alleged seer.

Later, The man added in the audiovisual piece: “I am very calm, resting in peace. I’m like in a kind of paradise. Thanks to the people who have been very attentive to me.”

In the recording, which quickly went viral on the different social networks, it can be seen that at the end the medium apparently suffers an attack in the chest and begins to convulse, for which many fans of the Antioquian strongly criticized him, since they interpreted him like a joke in bad taste.

It should be remembered that Aníbal Ramírez, known as Pistolita, one of the group’s guitarists The legendaries, stated in the kalle that the night after the death of the renowned singer could not sleep. However, he pointed out that his friend appeared to him when he finally fell asleep.

“[Darío Gómez] He appeared to me in a dream and hugged me. He appeared to me dressed in white and hugged me. He told me not to cry anymore”, the experienced musician pointed out.

Pistolita participated in the various tributes paid to the renowned ‘King of Spite’ at the Yesid Santos volleyball arena of the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit.

What did Darío Gómez die of?

The Las Américas Clinic in Medellín reported that the main cause of Darío Gómez’s death was a “sudden collapse” that he suffered at his workplace.

“The patient was admitted without vital signs after having suffered a sudden collapse. He was taken to the resuscitation room, where advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers were performed, without results, and finally his death was declared. concluded.