Meet Irela Torres, a Santos fan who is causing a furor

There is no doubt that the social networks they are a very good opportunity to make themselves known, and they are very well used by many people who day by day are earning an important place on digital platforms.

This is the case of Irela Torres, who has become popular on her social networks for being a great amateur of Mexican soccer, especially the team of Santos Lagunaso he often shares posts supporting said club.

Meet Irela Torres, a fan of Santos Laguna who causes a furor in networks. Photo: Capture

In addition to his great love for sports, he looks great beauty which has fallen in love with many of his followers, who do not miss any opportunity to leave him a compliment in each photograph.

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The young woman is originally from Torreón, and is also a fan of exercise, so she looks like an enviable figure, in addition to continuously sharing her training routines, which keep her in good shape.

Their Photographs They do not usually go unnoticed, because every time you go to the gym you upload your sports clothes, which look quite good and make your statuesque figure stand out, so when you upload them to your account Instagram you immediately gain the attention of your followers.

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The sports fan already has more than 300 thousand followersso it is not surprising that very soon it will be heard in many places, since it seems that it stands out for being self-confident on digital platforms and likes to interact a lot with Internet users.

There is no doubt that this new Influencer has been the great revelation of the internet, and it is not surprising since the exercises she practices are not at all simple, since they range from doing cardio, to carrying weights, with which she tones her figure.

Meet Irela Torres, a fan of Santos Laguna who causes a furor in networks. Photo: Capture

Without a doubt, this girl has known how to win netizens with her charisma, so she will surely continue to win admirers.

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