Meet Paola, the eldest daughter of Jorge Ramos

Paola is 35 years old and has stood out as a correspondent on Telemundo, the television station that is her father’s competition.

“De tal palo, tal astilla”, that is a saying that applies perfectly to the most recognized journalist of the Hispanic television network Univision. Since her eldest daughter has shown that she inherited the love for said trade.

This is Paola Ramos, a 35-year-old woman who is the result of the Mexican’s first marriage to Gina Montaner, and who has managed to stand out in journalism with a focus on Latinos.

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His resume weighs having done his internships in the political campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Adamás published his first book, titled Finding Latinx, in 2020.

With her publication, Jorge’s eldest daughter generated a bit of controversy by using her term “Latinx”; something with which she encompasses the new generation of Latinos in the United States. Which include transgender Latinos.

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Paola is currently a correspondent for Vice and a contributor to MSNBC and Telemundo; the television station that is the competition of her father.

For his part, his 64-year-old father is starting a new stage. He recently presented his new professional project called “Algo personal”. Which will be broadcast on VIX, Univision’s new platform.