Meet the suitor who goes after Belinda’s bones

Although his relationship with Christian Nodal came to an end a couple of months ago, Belinda has made it more than clear that she has already turned the page and since then she has remained focused on her work projects, but recently the rumor began to circulate that the Spanish actress could have a new suitor at door

As everyone knows, the princess of Latin pop has been in charge of leaving behind the love story that she lived next to the music exponent regional mexican to concentrate on her artistic career, however, she was recently linked to Dean Pelic, a Croatian model and here we will tell you who he is.

It should be noted that this information has not been confirmed by any of those involved, however, users of social networks they assure that something could be cooking between them after the European heartthrob commented on a photograph of the interpreter of ‘Luz singravida’ with a ‘B’ and a sweet.

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Obviously, the comment did not go unnoticed by the followers of the protagonist of children’s soap operas, who did not take long to bring both celebrities together, making it more than clear that ‘they would make a beautiful coupleand as if that were not enough, many others stressed that it was time for Belinda to open up to love once again.

Who is Dean Pelic, Belinda’s alleged suitor?

About to turn 36 years old, Dean Pelic has established itself as a recognized model, writer and television presenter who has managed to captivate millions of people with her attractive appearance and radiant smile, with which she has been able to earn a place in the entertainment industry of her country.

The also life coach is originally from Umag, a small coastal town located in Istria, Croatia, where he lived until he was 14 years old, since he made the decision to travel to Pazin to study, but years later he decided to move to Zagreg, where he graduated with a degree in Administration, Marketing and Tourism.

“When I was younger, I dreamed of having my own hotel, working as a model, writing books, working on television and traveling the world, and most (of my dreams) have come true”, can be read in the biography that he placed on his website.

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It appears that the famous model has had the opportunity to fulfill many of his dreams and thanks to his great popularity in Europe, he has been able to be part of countless advertising campaigns for well-known clothing and beauty brands.

“I couldn’t walk around the city without seeing my billboard, turn on the TV without the commercial I recorded, buy a newspaper without the editorial I recorded there. It was really weird to see me everywhere, although modeling is for me a job like any other… In Croatia, I did absolutely everything that could be done in modeling. It was time for new experiences, for more victories to get out of the comfort zone”, he pointed out.

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