Meg Ryan: The Movie That Ruined Her Career and What She’s Up To Today

“I know the reaction was vicious,” Ryan lamented in 2008 in an interview. But the actress from Connecticut, who studied communication sciences as well as journalism, didn’t just have to deal with the cinematic flop at the time. There was also private turbulence.

Through her divorce from Dennis Quaid, with whom she has a son Jack Quaid Has, in 2001 and rumors of an affair with circulating Russell Crowe Ryan finally lost her image as America’s darling.

Divorce ruined her image

Meg Ryan, who adopted a girl from China in 2006, may have been upset by the fact that she was pilloried at the time. “This story was never really told,” she said in a 2019 interview Today about her divorce. “I felt the effect like I was the villain or whatever the story was,” Ryan said. It took a long time before she was able to overcome the injustice of the press. “I remember letting go of the idea of ​​having to correct someone,” she explained. “Divorce is hard. Love is hard. All of those things were so personal. They weren’t meant for mass consumption. The complexities of life or marriage will never fit in a headline or tabloid. Knowing that was liberating.”