Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood

megan fox confirms that she and machine gun kelly drink each other's blood

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    Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly They are one of the most established couples in the ‘celebrity’ world. How did they start? No, it wasn’t fate. They met in March 2020 during the filming of a movie and in December 2021 we learned that Machine Gun Kelly accepted his role just to meet the model… Romantic, right?

    The truth is that we are already quite used to being given moments like their matching manicures or their passionate kisses in full concert. They are certainly a very passionate couple who lives the relationship to the fullest (across the board, hehe). In any case, they keep unusual customs in most of the couples that may surprise you… Keep reading, friend!

    Since we learned that they were getting married, we have commented on some details of their engagement ring SO spectacular (but that it has thorns) and some of the curiosities of the couple. The one we are going to tell you today is probably the weirdest thing you’re going to read all day and since January it has been hanging around the heads of the model’s fans.

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    In case you didn’t remember, in January they announced their engagement and in the last sentence of Megan’s post it said: “and then we drank each other’s blood”. At the time, we didn’t quite understand what she meant by that phrase, but now we do!

    In her latest interview for Glamor UK magazine, Megan he noted that it was “a few drops, but yes, sometimes we consume each other’s blood only for ritual purposes”. In addition, he clarified that said ritual of drinking a few drops of the other’s blood has taken place on more than one occasion and obviously, they also had to do it to seal their commitment, hence the phrase.

    She herself admits that in this area she is the one who controls herself the most and that performs metaphysical practices, meditations and rituals on new or full moons, but always for a reason. “He is much more messy, hectic and chaotic. He’s willing to just rip open his chest with broken glass and say, ‘Take my soul.added Megan referring to Machine Gun Kelly (although we smelled something).

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    Without a doubt, they have been affirmations that have revolutionized the networks and many users commented on their publications amazed by Megan’s statements. Will she ever talk about it again?

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