Megan Fox would be pregnant for her partner’s song in which she mentions a son

The actress has maintained a very controversial relationship with her current fiancé, the musician Machine Gun KellyWell, we have witnessed the greatest follies that both have done for love.

And it is that to summarize a little each one of the sensations that the couple has gone through, we could talk about two of the strongest who have confessed and that is that right after the marriage proposal The singer’s Machine revealed that the ring he had given the actress would hurt her if she tried to take it off.

“Love is painful”, expressed the musician who worried the followers of Megan thinking that what they had was a cruel and abusive relationship, and even a possessive act on her part.

But that has not been all, because recently the two announced a crazy and rare confessionwhich is based on the fact that they drink each other’s blood to perform rituals, a story told by Fox for the magazine ‘Glamour’.

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“I will always say yes, in this life and in the previous ones and those that come after… and then we take our blood”, confessed the celebrity. While all this was happening and her fans understood the main reason for each of her crazy things, now Machin Gun Kelly has alarmed his followers, with the probability that the ‘crush’ of the vast majority of men, is expecting a child from him and the musician has referred to her as “his wife”, and then mentioned his “unborn child”.

This happened at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, when the rapper took the stage to perform ‘Twin Flame’and immediately said “I wrote this song for my wife”.

Although everything up to that point was normal, because they are committed and will soon give his eternal yes, what caused an impact was that in the middle of his ‘show’ he again said a few short but impressive words: “This is for our unborn child,” said the singer while a heartbeat sounded in the background.

Of course, social networks have exploded with the news. However, neither of them have confirmed the it remains a mystery why Gun Kelly gave that message in the middle of the stage before the audience and the thousands of people who followed the awards on television.

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For now, what is not known are the details of his wedding, because the truth is that recently on his way through the carpetthe couple avoided press comments questioning the preparations, asking if they were going to follow in the footsteps of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, who first had a quick and unusual wedding in Las Vegas.

The truth is that, without a doubt, this couple is increasingly controversial, because while all these rumors are unleashed on social networks Megan Fox has confessed via Instagram that he made a hole in his clothes with the main reason to have sex with Machine.

“Was this blue suit expensive because we just cut a hole in the crotch so we can have sex?” Megan texted one of her stylists. The immediate response of the woman to whom she wrote was “I hate you” accompanied by laughing emojis and ending with “I’ll fix it”.

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