Meghan and Harry, Archie’s nanny tells how she worked with them

Even though that him prince harry Y Meghan Markle have decided to put their full version of things on the table – in some cases without any reservations – when it comes to their children they have preferred to take a different approach. Since birth, Archie and Lilibet have been kept out of the public eye, with only a few glimpses completely controlled by their parents. Curiously, it has been through his Netflix documentary that it has been possible to learn more about the little ones and learn more about the Sussexes as parents. One of the characters in her life that appeared in this documentary was the nanny they hired when Archie was born and they were still living in the United Kingdom, Lorren Khumalo, the woman who came into the life of the Sussexes, in Meghan’s words, to take care of them all them. Now, at a distance from her, Lorren has recounted what that first meeting with Harry and Meghan was like for her before hiring her.



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Despite the fact that these types of workers have strong contracts that make it impossible for them to tell about their experience with the royals, in this case it seems that Lorren had the opportunity to speak openly. Pediatric nursing expert she chatted with The Breakfast Club with Zenzele Ndebele, where she talked a little about that first meeting with the Sussexes at her home in the outskirts of Windsor.

The dilemma

On the day of the interview, Loreen’s big question was what to wear. “I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what their nannies look like, do they wear heels? Prince William has a nanny from Norland, so they have the brown uniform which because of my skin color and the way khaki looks, I knew I wasn’t even going to try it, it wasn’t going to work.” In the midst of her doubts, she decided on something formal and low heels: “But I didn’t wear any makeup, I said, if they accept me, let it be who I am. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I don’t have blue blood, I’ll go as I am and trust God, I’ll get this job.”

Nerves were not lacking, after getting a traffic ticket for speeding in his anguish to be on time, he asked a security person from the Sussexes if it was necessary for him to bow. “He just looked at me and laughed, and said, ‘You’ll see, Prince Harry is wonderful,'” he would verify this moments later before his job interview, “When I got there, the way he opened his arms, ‘Hi Lorren!’ and he gave me a hug.”


“(I thought) ‘Wow, what a gentleman, what a gem,’ oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe it. And when I walked in and saw Meghan, I thought, ‘My God, what a beautiful woman.’ I just felt so comfortable, it wasn’t as formal as I had expected it to be, it was just a normal house,” the nanny said.

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Who is Lorren?

According to Lorren’s LinkedIn profile, she is a sleep coach, a pediatric nurse consultant and a remote newborn support provider, work she has done independently for more than six years. Prior to this, she spent another six years in senior nursing, and prior to that she was a pediatric nurse.

In the words of Meghan during the documentary of the Sussexes on Netflix, when referring to Lorren, she was more than a babysitter for them: “She not only took care of Archie, she took care of us, definitely, she took care of me.” Perhaps this closeness was what made Lorren able to speak so openly about the Sussexes now that she no longer works for them.