Meghan and Harry give Archewell accounts

After grabbing all the headlines for a couple of weeks after Spare’s publication, the Prince Harryy Meghan Markle they have spent the last few days in the lowest of profiles. Although they have not made any kind of appearance, the discussion about the possible appearance of the Dukes of Sussex at the coronation of Carlos III, which will take place in a few months, is still on the table. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Prince will make his first public appearance after the release of his memoir, this will be on March 7 and 8 in San Francisco, at the conference of the mental health organization in which get involved, BetterUp. Pending this to happen, the couple have released the report on the activities of their foundation, Archewell, regarding what they have done through it, from its founding in 2020 to 2022.



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The figure that has grabbed the headlines is that of the 13 million dollars that they have raised in the last two years, curiously, the document does not give monetary numbers, but it has been Omid Scobie, a Finding Freedom writer usually linked to the couple. , who has given this amount. Of these, they have distributed 3 in different areas of their interest such as equitable vaccination, aid centers, resettlement of refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as the search to build a better world online. At the beginning of the file, James Holt and Shauna Nep, referred to in the text as Co-Executive Directors, describe their work in their own words: “At the Archewell Foundation our primary purpose is simply to do good. We meet today by being present, and using our unrivaled focus to uplift and unite communities, both local and global, online and off.”

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In its constant changes, the organization has new appointments

Something that has characterized the Sussexes since their days in the United Kingdom, are the constant changes within their team and, despite the fact that things seemed to have settled in recent weeks, Archewell has announced new appointments and contracts before some moves within your organization. According to Variety, Serena Regan has been appointed as podcast manager, who was hired at the end of 2022. Among the new hires, Shauna Nep has joined the Archewell Foundation -who already appears as a signatory in this new document-.


Who will leave the ranks of Archewell Productions is Ben Browning, who was in charge of the couple’s productions, which this year were led by Meghan and Harry, the documentary they presented at the end of the year through Netflix. As reported by the American media, in this new stage they will focus on scripted content. Likewise, Fara Taylor, Marketing Manager, will be leaving her position throughout the year, in both cases, no one will be hired in her place.

“Ben and Fara have been an integral part of the creation and execution of many critically and commercially acclaimed projects throughout their tenure. They have expertly delivered content and campaigns that have exceeded expectations and have left their mark on the culture (of the organization),” said Ashley Hansen, Archewell’s communications officer to the aforementioned media, “They played a critical role in helping to tell the Duke and Duchess stories thus far and the couple are extremely grateful for their support in these vital reminiscence projects as they move forward.”