Meghan as the duchess of nonsense: the moderator duo makes fun of the royal photo

Charity work, podcast or planned TV show – no matter what Duchess Meghan tackles, it somehow doesn’t seem to go down well with the people. The former actress posed with husband Prince Harry for a portrait by celebrity photographer Misan Harriman that was published shortly after Queen Elizabeth’s death. The royal couple is now being made fun of on the Australian TV show “The Morning Show”.

Criticism for portrait of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

In the photo, Meghan and Harry pose confidently, even hold hands and look almost like heads of state. There was a lot of criticism for it shortly after publication, because just two days earlier the palace had presented a picture of King Charles, wife Camilla, Prince William and Duchess Kate. Some critics see the action of the exile royals as a return carriage, Meghan’s look is even interpreted as defiant.

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Australian breakfast TV pokes fun at Harry and Meghan

The portrait of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry took an Australian moderator duo as an opportunity to make fun of the two. Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur, who are in front of the camera for ‘The Morning Show,’ mimicked the royals’ poses for a photo. On Instagram they wrote “The Duke and Duchess of BS” [Bullshit, d.R.]which translates to “The Duke and Duchess of Bullshit”.

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But that’s not all, the moderators continued to rumble: “At least two men in this photo played pool naked in Vegas. And at least two women in this photo would do anything to get the keys to a lock.” This swipe is likely to be aimed primarily at Duchess Meghan. The 41-year-old has been repeatedly accused of marrying into the British royal family for fame and recognition.

The parody photo has since been deleted from Instagram. The Australian Channel “Seven Network“, on which “The Morning Show” is broadcast, has published a screenshot of the image on its own website. Have Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan found out about the action? If so, it is extremely unlikely that the royal couple will be public comments on this.

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