Meghan Markle: Actor Simon Rex was offered $70,000 to lie that he ‘slept’ with the actress

In 2020, American actor Simon Rex claimed that several British tabloids had offered him up to $70,000 to lie about their relationship saying they had “lying together“.

The 47-year-old comedian shared this story on The Hollywood podcast Raw:Nothing happened. We didn’t even kiss. It’s just that we hung out once, in a very unfriendly way. It was just someone I met on a TV show and, like, we had lunch. That was all there was to say.“According to him, these media were looking for a scoop on the actress of the series”Suits” and Simon Rex and Meghan markle played together in the sitcom televisedCuts“.

When this story broke a British tabloid couple offered to pay me big bucks to tell a lie that we really hooked up“, he said.I said no to a lot of money because I didn’t feel comfortable lying and screwing up the fucking royal family…

As part of the movie release Red Rocket in which he plays a role, Simon Rex gave an interview to the Guardian, whose remarks were relayed by Insider. He returned to this case.I was broke like a pig! I really needed that money. Corn I’ll be on food stamps before I do this.

When this story broke in 2020, markle even wrote a personal letter to the actor thanking him for his integrity. Simon Rex reportedly framed the letter for display in his California home. She reportedly noted:It’s good to know that there are still good people“, he said, quoting the contents of the letter.

It is common knowledge that Meghan and Harry do not appreciate “the British tabloid press” since the ruthless campaign of some media against the American comedian.

The Duke and Duchess of sussex live north of The bone Angeles. They decided to step back from the royal family in 2019.

The princely couple recently filed a complaint against several publications for invasion of the privacy of their family.

Last December, Meghan markle had won a case against a tabloid, condemned for the publication of a letter which she had written to her father. She then celebrated a “victory” against a “cruel” and misleading tabloid press, according to her.