Meghan Markle and Harry denounced: they are accused of intimidating Kensington staff

In a new book about the royal family due out October 6, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are accused of bullying Kensington Palace staff when they were still living in England.

Between the character of Meghan Markle and the British traditionalism of the palace staff, failure was, it seems, inevitable. Since the departure of the royal family of Prince Harry and his wife in March 2020, revelations continue to surface. The latest suggests that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have intimidated the staff of Kensington Palace. the Daily Express even reveals that the former actress “refused to engage with junior staff. »

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are indeed accused of refusing to speak with junior palace staff, when they were still part of the royal family. A source told the Times as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “took it (to have to interact with them, editor’s note) as an insult. » These new allegations are addressed in a book to be published on October 6. in England and titled Brokers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown by Valentine Low.

Relationships that deteriorate very quickly

We already knew: relations between Meghan Markle and the Kensington Palace team deteriorated very quickly, just after her engagement with Prince Harry in 2017. The reason? A senior assistant is said to have spoken to the couple about the difficulties raised following their treatment of certain members of staff. And Prince Harry’s wife reportedly dismissed these claims, stating: “It’s not my job to pamper people. »

The rules regarding staff working for the Royal Family have changed following the allegations made against the Duke and Duchess, according to a senior palace source. This source told Hello Magazine : “I’m not going to comment on the changes that have been made to rules and procedures. I’ll just say it’s been updated…” Buckingham Palace launched an investigation in 2021 after these accusations, and has since refused to publish the report that followed this investigation. Meghan Markle has always denied these accusations. If the royal family wanted to leave them behind, this new book does not seem ready to do so.

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