Meghan Markle reveals one of the things she couldn’t do while in the royal family

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- The Harry & Meghan documentary which premiered in Netflix It continues to give people something to talk about because of the confessions the couple made while they belonged to British royalty.

In the first installment of the docuseries, the couple talked about how their love story began, the exactriz’s mother spoke about how these last five years have been, and Harry compared his wife with his mother.

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In this same broadcast, the exact American actress assured that one of the restrictions she had while she belonged to the monarchy was the clothes color What to wear in public.

According to Markle, she was restricted from wearing bright or brightly colored clothes. He also couldn’t use colors similar to other members.

“Most of the time I was in England, I rarely used colour. It was my understanding that she could not wear the same color as Queen Elizabeth II during a public event,” the Duchess mentioned.

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“But you also can’t wear the same color as other senior members of the royal family. So I was like, “what’s the color they’re never going to wear, [color] camel, cream, white? So I used a lot of neutral colors,” she added.

That is why, in most of her public appearances, she always used neutral colors to go unnoticed.

“I wasn’t trying to stand out there. There is no version of me where I am not doing everything I can to fit in with this family,” she mentioned.

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However, it seems that Meghan stayed in the habit of using the same color palette, because in the few public appearances she has had and even in the interviews within the documentary, she is using neutrals.