Meghan Markle turns Prince Harry into ‘house husband’

Meghan Markle is becoming more and more involved in US politics. Meanwhile, Prince Harry is conspicuously holding back.

the essentials in brief

  • A royal expert believes: Prince Harry will become a “houseman”.
  • Reason: Meghan is taking a completely new path – without him.

Is Prince Harry (37) becoming more and more of a couch potato in the USA?

Meghan Markle (40) makes no secret of her political ambitions. Insiders are certain: the Duchess is on a direct course to the White House. She uses her platform for paid parental leave and campaigns against the abortion ban.

And Harry? Apart from polo, the prince doesn’t seem to have any projects of his own.

Meghan Markle wants to go into politics

Royal expert Neil Sean believes: Meghan’s political commitment has made Prince Harry a “houseman”.

In a YouTube video, Sean says: “Meghan Markle seems to be pushing herself more and more into the limelight and has embarked on a new path. Prince Harry – the true royal – has meanwhile retired.”

With her political plans, the Duchess not only makes friends – especially in the USA. The tenor: A woman with a British duchess title should not interfere in US politics. »

Should royals get involved in politics?

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