Meghan Markle’s new Spotify podcast due this summer

Prince Harry’s wife is set to launch a new podcast for the platform this summer, more than a year and a half after unveiling first content.

The couple, who signed a multi-year contract with Spotify in December 2020, estimated at 20 million euros, to produce stories and podcasts through their production company Archewell Audio, would therefore be on the verge of continuing their collaboration with the platform. -form.

Originally expected for 2021, this first series of podcasts should finally see the light of day this summer, according to several American media, eighteen months after a first content unveiled at the end of December 2020. At the time, Meghan Markle had brought together several personalities including Elton John to discuss the year that had just passed, obviously marked by the health crisis.

The Joe Rogan affair causes this absence?

But since then the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had produced nothing for Spotify, notably accused of Covid misinformation for hosting Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast. The latter has been strongly criticized for having promoted conspiracy theories there. A situation that had been pointed out by the ex-royal couple.

Since then, discussions between Archewell Studios and the platform have taken place around the misinformation policy and they are encouraging according to the spokesperson for Archewell Audio, quoted by The Hollywood reporter last week. “Therefore, the studio is moving forward with production of the Duchess of Sussex’s first Archewell podcast series, which is due out this summer,” he told our colleagues.

However, the content of this podcast series is still unknown. In 2020, when signing this partnership, the Duke and Duchess explained via a press release that they wanted to “highlight powerful and diverse voices and perspectives”.