Meghan’s father calls Harry an ‘idiot’

Thomas Markle scolds Prince Harry and announces he will crash the Queen’s Jubilee

Duchess Meghan (40) has put contact with her father Thomas Markle (77) on hold for years. Nevertheless, he repeatedly expresses himself in TV interviews about his daughter’s life. In the latest rants, he calls Harry an “idiot” and even announces that he wants to travel to London for Queen Elizabeth’s (96) jubilee.

Scandal interview via video connection

Thomas Markle joined GB News for an interview with Dan Wootton. In it he explains that he is disappointed in his daughter and son-in-law. On the other hand, he admires Queen Elizabeth II. Markle even wants to travel to London for her throne jubilee – and that without an invitation, “I’m looking forward to it,” he says. “I will pay my respects to the Queen and make sure she understands that my whole family respects the Queen and the Royals.”

Markle thanks Prince Charles

He also wants to meet Prince Charles personally: “I thank him for leading my daughter down the aisle and I want to talk to him because I think we have a lot in common. We have both been ghosted by our children,” he explains. Thomas Markle is upset that Prince Harry has not yet decided to attend his grandmother’s jubilee for security reasons: “It’s ridiculous. He knows that they will be safe. I don’t understand what he’s saying. I have so little Respect for that man. I think he’s an idiot!” But that’s not all: “He’s not a man. You can tell me he was in the military, but I can’t believe it. I think he’s a wimp and always will be. He has a brother, who’s a real man, and he has a father who’s a real man, but I don’t think he’ll ever grow up.”