Melania Trump: this payment of 60,000 dollars to her stylist who is controversial

The former American First Lady has something to worry about. After already many controversies, Melania Trump is now singled out for the pharaonic payment that she would have recently made to her stylist, the Franco-American Hervé Pierre Braillard. Explanations.

A controversy more or lessMelania Trump is no longer that close. This Monday, August 8, USA Today reveals that money raised by Donald Trump to fight disproved voter fraud allegations in the 2020 election was, among other things, used to pay $60,000 to the stylist of his wife when they were at the White House, Hervé Pierre Braillard. It is reported by the magazine that Donald Trump’s political action committee, Save America, made four payments to the creator, from April 7 to June 24. In its response to the media, however, the committee assures that these regulations have all been used for a “strategic consultancy”.

“Mr. Pierre is a Senior Advisor to Save America, assists with event management and special projects”said Taylor Budowich, a senior committee official, to USA Today. But as the magazine points out, this deal “offer a look at one of the many ways Donald Trump is using PAC money [comité d’action politique, ndlr.]”. Since November 2020, this has made it possible to raise over $100 millionofficially to fight the accusations of electoral fraud of which the former president of the United States is the target.

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Diverted fundraising, obscure payments: Trump accounts scrutinized by US justice

If this information and these astonishing transactions are revealed, it is in particular because for several months, the “January 6 committee” which is investigating Capitol Riot reviewed Save America’s advertisements and accounts. USA Today also reveals that emails sent to supporters of Donald Trump for fundraising advertised an “Official Election Defense Fund” which, according to an investigative lawyer on the committee, never existed. The PAC also reportedly spent ‘millions of dollars’ paying a company to participate in the former president’s rallyJanuary 6, 2021. Former White House advisers from the time of the businessman would also remain on the list of recipients of several other payments.

If he plans to run again in 2024, Donald Trump will have to go before a judge first. If only to defend themselves against accusations of “coup” against Joe Biden which he would have fomented with some of his advisers before leaving the White House in 2021.

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