Melanie Müller: Appointment at the youth welfare office: She missed her son’s birthday

At the end of 2021 it became known that singer Melanie Müller (34) and her husband Mike Blümer (55) were getting divorced. The two have been married since 2014 and have two children together. But Melanie Müller currently not only has her hands full regulating her private life, but is also involved in a real scandal.

Did Melanie Müller show the Hitler salute?

At a concert of her on September 17 in Leipzig, right-wing fans are said to have shouted “Sieg Heil”. The singer swears that she stopped the concert immediately after this event, but then a video of the concert appeared, in which Melanie Müller apparently repeated the Hitler salute herself.

Here, too, the singer tried to explain the pictures and said to “Bild”: “I’ve been on stage for eleven years and always make these hand movements. Not from a right-wing extremist background, but zig-zag-zig-zag, so just like me do it there.” Despite these assurances and the support of prominent friends, the police are apparently also investigating the incidents.

Melanie Müller missed her son’s birthday

As “” further reports, Mike Blümer has recently taken the children together with himself and his new partner Katharina – probably to keep them away from the fuss surrounding their mother. Because the incident could not only cost them their careers, but also their custody of their children.

Although the two are not currently living with her, Melanie Müller would certainly have liked to celebrate her son Matty’s (3) birthday. After all, she had celebrated her daughter Mary Rose’s fifth cradle party just a few weeks ago. But Matty had to celebrate his birthday without his mom, as she herself confirmed. The reason: Melanie Müller had an appointment with the youth welfare office.