Melanie Müller explains her alleged Hitler salute

Ballermann singer
“Always do these hand movements”: Melanie Müller explains her alleged Hitler salute

Melanie Mueller

Melanie Müller says she didn’t show the Hitler salute

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During a performance in mid-September, Melanie Müller apparently gave the Hitler salute on stage several times. After a video of it was released, the Ballermann singer justifies herself.

There were clear video recordings that the “Bild” newspaper published on Wednesday. At a concert by the allegedly right-wing group “Rowdys Eastside” on September 17, Melanie Müller performed on stage and apparently gave the Hitler salute eight times while the crowd chanted “Ost, Ost, Ostdeutschland”.

Melanie Müller justifies herself

However, Müller himself cannot understand the outrage. The “Bild” newspaper said the Ballermann singer: “I can only laugh more or less about what is being dragged out here. I’ve been on stage for eleven years and always do these hand movements. Not from a right-wing extremist background, but ‘ Zicke zacke zicke zacke’, that’s exactly how I do it there.”

Surprising: The arm movements that Müller makes in the video recordings do not fit rhythmically to the “‘Zicke zacke zicke zacke hoi hoi hoi’ battle cry that she means. You can also hear the crowd shouting “East, East, East Germany ” chanted.

But Müller continued to justify himself. “I don’t know if you’ve ever stood on a stage. If the speakers come towards you, you can’t hear anything downstairs, see something through the light or anything else,” she said, somewhat difficult to understand. “I’m not organized on the right – I don’t know, I have no idea, was I ever?” She asked “Bild”.

She wants to retire

The former “Bachelor” candidate also commented on her Instagram profile. “The media fire, the unjustified accusations against me, the claim that I was working together with right-wing extremists and move in right-wing extremist surroundings hit me hard physically and mentally. Yes, I’m a tough woman and have already mastered and endured a lot.” , she wrote there and announced: “I’m physically pretty bad right now and will therefore withdraw for the next few days, recover and try to process the whole thing. I repeat again: I have nothing to do with right-wing extremists or nationalistic ideas. I condemn that in the strongest terms.”

According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, the police are now investigating Melanie Müller.

Sources: “Bild” newspaper /Instagram