Melanie Müller: “Melanie stops”

Melanie Müller, 33, is the queen of trash TV. Whether it’s “Jungle Camp” or “Celebrity Big Brother”, the mother of two has already inspired a number of shows. But a posting on Instagram now causes astonishment. Does Melanie Müller want to give up her career?

  • Melanie Müller became the jungle queen in 2014 and took part in “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2021.
  • In 2021 she separated from Mike Blumer after 14 years of marriage.
  • Now she seems to have drawn a line again.

Melanie Müller’s statement raises questions

Melanie Müller’s fans were amazed last night. Instead of more romantic pictures of her and her new partner Andreas Kunz, with whom she is in Paris, she posted several red and white tiles. A salute to their fans, with which they “the great years“Want to say thank you, as Melanie writes. But her text accompanying the post should be exactly that upset fans to have. Is Melanie Müller planning hers? end career and withdraw completely from the public?

Is this post your final goodbye?

Because for the individual posts, which together give thanks to their fans, the blonde finds words that make you think. “After all this time I have now decided to go a new way“Writes Melanie. For many fans, that should clearly after a farewell sound. Will Melanie never be seen again on the big stages at Ballermann in Mallorca? Never take part in TV events like the jungle camp again? Fans are worried and are getting one now definite answer.

“Melanie stop!”

Because “Bild” asked Melanie Müller’s management. And her manager Kevin Neon confirmed my worst fears of the fans: “Melanie stop!“A shock for everyone who had come to the island for years before Corona, mainly because of the Saxon entertainer.”Melanie Müller is history“Kevin Neon continues to tell the “Bild”. But what does that mean in concrete terms? “Only” a change of image, away from trash TV and towards more serious formats? Or does Melanie really want to after all the hustle and bustle of the last few months withdraw completelyonly spend their time with their children?

According to “Bild”, her management did not want to reveal anything about her exact plans. However, Kevin Neon announces that in the future there will only be rarely give her appearances on Mallorca will – and from trash TV Melanie Müller will probably completely disappear. A little glimmer of hope for the fans: Melanie also uses the hashtag #seeyouagain under her posts. Seems like a comeback for the ex-jungle queen isn’t entirely out of the question after all. In any case, the fans should be relieved.

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