Melanie Müller: Now she counters the Hartz IV allegations of her ex

Mike Blümer (55), husband of hit star Melanie Müller (33), made bitter allegations on Friday. He had financial problems, he admitted to “RTL”. And further: “At the end of February I even had to apply for Hartz IV because she no longer gives me any money from the common pot that we have always worked in,” says Mike Blümer.

Apparently his ex didn’t want to let that sit and has now commented on it. “It is true that we quarreled before the end of our relationship, and that noticeable irregularities in my company were also the subject of these disputes, of which he was the managing director and manager,” writes Melanie Müller in an open letter, according to “RTL”.

From the “Bachelor” participant to the Ballermann star: In the video above you can see how Melanie Müller has changed!

Melanie Müller: “Mike and I are separated by an age difference of 25 years”

Not only problems with the mixing of private life and work led to the separation. The big age difference also became a problem in the end. “Mike and I are 25 years apart in age. When I met him, he was quite an attractive, confident man who was in control of his life and also quite capable of supporting himself and making money.” She liked that about him. “Certainly it may have been that in our time I was the working part and he was the manager and houseman.”

She doesn’t see paying maintenance for her husband. “Mike can now live his life and start his career again, even if it’s only a short distance to retirement,” says the reality star, who is now in Andreas Kunz (52), a real estate entrepreneur from Leipzig, a new love found. But her new boy is not much younger than her ex.