Melanie Müller suffered a stroke: these are the signs

After drama about Melanie Müller (34)

How to recognize a stroke

Melanie Müller shocked her fans with her stroke diagnosis. Blick spoke to a neurologist about recognizing the signs.


Shock for Melanie Müller: She suffered a stroke.

Melanie Müller (34) suffered a stroke. That happened in July, but the Ballermann star only went public with it for fear of a shitstorm.

It’s rare for someone her age to have a stroke. “For 30 to 34 year olds, the incidence is around 20 per 100,000 per year,” explains Andreas Luft (50), senior physician at the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital Zurich, to Blick. In Switzerland, 16,000 women and men are affected by a stroke every year.