Melanie Müller’s ex had to apply for Hartz IV

In the summer she tried to fight for her marriage, now Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer are in the middle of a war of roses – and that is now driving her ex-husband into financial ruin.

Melanie Müller and Mike Blumer were a couple for 14 years. Shortly before moving into the “Celebrity Big Brother” container in the summer of 2021, the former jungle queen made her marriage crisis public. At that time she was still fighting for her husband, who was 21 years her senior.

The 33-year-old was hoping for a second chance. Melanie Müller no longer wants them. Instead of a love comeback, there has been a war of roses for months – and that causes financial problems for her ex, as the 54-year-old now reveals in an interview with RTL.

“I didn’t get a single euro”

“At the end of February I even had to apply for Hartz IV because she no longer gives me any money from the common pot that we’ve always worked in,” Mike Blümer tells the broadcaster. She closed the joint account for him. “I didn’t get a single euro, and at the moment I don’t even have the money to buy new furniture after moving out.”

The musician locked the house in which Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer lived with their two children and exchanged the locks. “I didn’t come in anymore, I didn’t get to the children. That was only clarified later by lawyers.”

Mia and Matty are now four and two years old. “I pray every day that they have noticed as little as possible. But I can already tell that our older one is already more introverted. She avoids some questions and is not at all ready to answer some questions. I’m doing it really very worried.”

It is hopeless that Mike Blümer and Melanie Müller will become a couple again. Saving his marriage is not his intention. “There has been too much happening on their part, too much pathetic, ruthless and vile, for me to ever be able to trust this person in any way again.” She now has a new one.