Melina Ramírez almost vomited with Don Jediendo

The curious scene occurred in this Monday’s chapter, where images were shown of what the couple’s visit to Marrakech, a city in Morocco, was like, where they both learned part of their traditions and culture.

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One of the details that caught their attention was the presence of a street dentist, to whom they went for alleged medical attention. Upon arriving at the post, they found several boxes of teeth placed on a table and it was there that the presenter showed some disgust.

The comedian had to pretend to be treated, but when he saw the elements that the street doctor would use, he sentenced: “I am not going to let myself put that device [una pinza] in the mouth, it is easier for her to share an apartment with Yina Calderón”.

The doctor took out several tweezers and started to attend to him, but the comedian took some of them and began to clean them. Seconds later, the man feigned attention and he pounced on González with a pliers in his hand to pretend to help him with his supposed dental problem.

Once he finished, ‘Don Jediendo’ got up and with the same tweezers removed the box of teeth from the dentist, who laughed before the cameras. With that same box of teeth, the comedian chased the presenter around the square, since she was disgusted with the object.

Later, images of Ramírez sitting in the care chair were shown, and it was there that the boyacense surprised her by placing a box of teeth in her mouth.

“How do you feel with that smile?” He asked amid laughter.

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Melina Ramírez, who was disgusted with the object, he made disgusting gestures and pretended to vomit as he had previously indicated. However, the funny moment only caused laughter in the protagonists, who were on the verge of tears from so much laughter.