Melissa Klug and her forceful response when asked if all her children are from one parent | Instagram | RMMD-EMCC | SHOWS

At 38 years old, the Chalaca influencer Melissa Klug lives a full moment, not only in her family and love but at all levels. Thus, the beautiful businesswoman was encouraged to answer questions to all her followers through her official account on her Instagram.

Melissa Klug did not hesitate to answer all the questions she could about her relationship with the Sport Boys footballer, Jesús Barco, as well as her daily life.

But, one question caught my attention and it was where Melissa Klug was asked about the parents of her five children.

“All your children are from one father? Greetings”wrote a user and Melissa Klug did not think twice and responded as follows: “Do not! Gianella Marquina, her father is Raúl Marquina, Samahara and Melissa Lobatón Klug, her father is Abel Lobatón and Adriano and Jeremy, her father is Jefferson Farfán”.

The beautiful Melissa posted a photo where she shows off with her 5 children and her little granddaughter Xianna, at the latter’s party.

At another time, Melissa Klug also confessed that what she likes most about Jesús Barco is that he loves her with everything and his band, as he affectionately calls his large family made up of his 5 children, his mother, his grandmother, his granddaughter, his great friend Chama and her nephew, whom she loves like a son.

As is known, Melissa Klug became a mother for the first time when she was just a teenager, which is why, at 38, she seeks to become the mother of a sixth child again, as she assures that her children have already grown up and are very independent. Even she confessed that she has felt alone on several occasions.