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Melissa Klug appeared on the program ‘Amor y Fuego’ and confirmed that his daughters Gianella Marquina Y Melissa Lobaton They had a strong fight at the end of 2021. He was even encouraged to reveal the reasons that led the sisters to distance themselves.

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They quarreled foolishly. One of them had the urge to block and when it was time to block, ‘they stop following each other’. He had blocked the other from WhatsApp and also blocked her from Instagram. Well, they are fights between them”, commented the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ at first.

However, Rodrigo González told him the reason for the fight that was speculated on social networks. “It is said that they fought because Gianella’s lover would be Melissa Lobatón’s ex”, asked ‘Peluchín’.

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But Melissa Klug clarified that her eldest daughter’s current partner was never in love with Melissa Lobatón, but her best friend.

Gianella’s current crush is Melissa’s best friend. What happens is that over there there may be a theme of jealousy that (he) no longer hangs out with Melissa because now he is skinny with Gianella”, explained the Chalaca businesswoman.

In this way, Melissa Klug minimized the fight between her daughters and pointed out that they only distanced themselves “for nonsense”.

EYE diary Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobatón
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