Melissa Martínez closed the door of love to soccer players; she rejected Máyer Candelo

Despite the fact that the journalist from Barranquilla and the Uruguayan player Matías Mier separated several months ago, their relationship is still remembered by some of their followers. Even recently, he was mentioned again in the entertainment media for the photo that the athlete published with his new girlfriend.

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Since the marriage was terminated, the communicator has not known another sentimental partner and, apparently, it will take a long time for a new opportunity in love to be given. Nevertheless, what is clear is that he will not get involved with a soccer player again.

This is how he made it known this Friday on the program ‘El Vbar’, on Caracol Radio, where he explained that he has some requirements for the man who wants to conquer her.

It all happened just after the director of the radio show, Diego Rueda, indicated that he had arrived a minute late for the program. At that time, he asked the already retired Máyer Candelo a question, who surprised him with his answer.

“Máyer, how long would you wait for Melissa?” asked Rueda.

No, I’ve been waiting my whole life for it– replied the ex-player.

Upon hearing his response, the journalist from Barranquilla laughed and indicated that they were going to kick him out of his house for saying that.

“No, I’m single, Melissa, that’s why I’ve always waited for you”, Candelo commented again.

With a nervous laugh, Melissa Martínez recalled the young woman who went viral for making a list of requirements for her partner and mentioned that there was one that her next suitor had to meet.

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“Among the requirements there is one that Máyer can no longer meet: No football, no soccer shoes, lesson learned,” he said and laughed. “The rest I think you would comply with, all of them,” he added.

Disappointed, Máyer Candelo indicated that he was no longer active in soccer.

“I leave all that, Melissa”, concluded, before closing the topic.