Melissa Martínez was happy celebrating her birthday

Melissa Martínez is a renowned sports journalist, that was on the lips of the press after her separation with the Uruguayan professional soccer player Matías Mier was confirmed.

The press was aware of the movements of the communicator, after their separation, and it was even rumored that she was dating other show business characters; however, the speculations were denied by the journalist herself.

Recently, the communicator shared through her personal Instagram account the way in which she celebrated her 37th birthday. outfits that Melissa Martínez used to share with her family friends was a brown dress and a flower on her head.

The presenter Melissa Martinez in a bathing suit
The presenter Melissa Martínez is one of the most recognized women in the sports world. – Photo: Taken from Instagram – @melissamartineza

At the time of making her wish, the communicator assured that she only asks for health to be able to continue carrying out her profession and to be able to share with the beings she loves the most. After blowing out the candles, one of her closest friends put the journalist’s face on the cake, an action that caused laughter among the other guests.

Videos | Melissa Martínez surprised with a radical change of ‘look’

Melissa Martínez is happy living her new single stage, which she had not enjoyed for many years, since she was with the soccer player Matías Mier for more than five years.

The journalist was one of the reporters in charge of covering the World Cup in Qatar 2022, to which she arrived recharged and single, showing a fresh new facet and detached from commitments, as well as stealing sighs from all corners of Doha, the city where most of the tournament matches were held.

In addition, Martínez did not miss the opportunity to be in the Middle East to visit Dubai and go as a little girl to different tourist sites, such as a large water park where she not only showed the amazing and very sexy bikinis she has in her closet, but also that He decided to jump down very high slides and with falls of almost 90 degrees, which revealed a more fun and transparent Martínez of which many are accustomed to seeing before cameras.

In the last postMartínez made a great revelation before the more than 2.7 million fans and it was the radical change of looks which was done, since she had blonde hair in shades that decanted in a uniform tone at the ends. Now he wanted to renew his tincture, since its roots were already very pronounced, and thanks to a software of color projection she was able to show the possibilities she had to give her hair a new life.

Sports journalist Melissa Martínez is enjoying her vacation on the coast.
Sports journalist Melissa Martínez enjoyed her vacation on the coast. – Photo: instagram

First he showed a looks with her completely black hair, Melissa’s natural color, but she herself, together with her stylist, decided that it was not the most appropriate option to choose. Then came a Little Mermaid-esque red, but they both agreed that was a resounding no. One of the colors that perhaps did captivate her was a light copper, or “carrot” as many call it, leaving it as one of the possible options, although not with much conviction.

Finally, the two women showed the last option, saying that it was a resounding no. However, this was to mislead all the followers of Martínez, since it was the platinum blonde color, the same one that the presenter Mary Méndez wears, the one that Melissa fell in love with and already wears in her well-cared and hydrated mane, although hers is a little darker and retains black roots that give it depth and a perfect volume.