Mélissa Theuriau and her relationship with Jamel Debbouze: “It’s thanks to…”

Mélissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze have been married for almost fifteen years. In an interview with “Psychologies”, the journalist shared her little secrets for a solid and lasting couple…

After fifteen years of marriage and two children, the couple of Melissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze remains as solid as ever, but how do they do it? The 44-year-old journalist reveals her secret to a relationship that lasts during an interview with the magazine Psychologieson January 21, 2023, because as she says: “I’m lucky to live a solid love story“.

“We had found each other, it was obvious”

A year after the start of their relationship, the couple married and welcomed their first child, Leon Debbouze. The journalist simply justifies it: “We had found each other, it was obviousShe goes on to explain, “Our love stories and our family stories had damaged and enriched us, we had experienced enough life to tell ourselves that we both wanted something else“. Moreover, as Mélissa Theuriau affirms, she and her husband are alike: “We are two seniors and have carried a lot to keep our families going. (…) When we met, we helped each other to say to ourselves: “It’s good, we were good children, we have the right to think a little about ourselves”“.

His “vital” desire with Jamel Debbouze

After meeting Jamel Debbouze, the journalist declares that the desire to build something with him “has become vital. “Like me, he wanted to live our story without pretense, without obstacles, and above all by ignoring the gaze of others.s,” she adds. The couple are totally on the same page and communicate a lot: “We talk to each other a lot, we trust each other immensely, it’s a cement that means that we can disagree, or having to live things separately, and then miss each other, to find each other better“, explains Mélissa Theuriau.

She thus reveals another of her secrets for the success of her marriage, “I believe that we must abandon this myth of symbiosis: everyone must be able to find sources of fulfillment elsewhere, we cannot be everything for the other.she assures. If we are still in love, if we continue to admire each other, I think it is thanks to this freedom that we have always granted each other“.

The couple of his parents, a model… that she did not want to reproduce!

Moreover, she reveals that she has benefited from a “couple pattern that didn’t work“, her parents. She argues: “They could, but I never saw them love each other. (…) They pretended, and they stayed together. They respected each other, got along intellectually, laughed, and that’s already very strong, but I never perceived any love or tenderness between them.x”. So very young, “from adolescence“, Mélissa Theuriau swore never to do”as hadx”.

Is Mélissa Theuriau afraid of the future?

The journalist was also asked about the future of her story, her fears and her expectations. And his answer was very clear:Later ? I don’t know, I never knew, and neither did he. She wants to remain realistic and explains: “Maybe, in ten years, like many people, we will share the children. I hope not“. Thus, she concluded with a beautiful life lesson and surely her biggest secret for a solid couple:Not projecting yourself is a great way to keep yourself alive. Marriage and children, that was it: “Come on, we don’t promise each other the impossible, but we live as if tomorrow everything could end”“.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2884345-melissa-theuriau-couple-jamel-debbouze/