Mélissa Theuriau married to Jamel Debbouze: An intimate detail continues to disturb the comedian!

All these years spent under the same roof were obviously not enough to make disappear the apprehensions that Jamel Debbouze felt with regard to his dear and tender. Mélissa Theuriau had indeed admitted that the comedian still felt a certain shyness when he was in his presence. Especially when he was on stage doing his sketches. Suddenly, the young woman had to show ingenuity to come and see her darling in action. An infallible parade that makes sure not to disturb his concentration in front of his audience.

A caring and caring woman

The best way not to impact on the current performance of Jamel Debbouze is for Mélissa Theuriau not to tell him when she came to see him. The public is not enlightened, so there is no way to find out if she is present among the viewers or not. A trick that works every time. It is all the same astonishing that a couple as complicit as they are always in this degree of excessive shyness towards each other. No doubt for the sake of always appearing perfect in the eyes of the other.

Asked about the recipe for their happiness, Melissa Theuriau did not go through four paths. A lot of communication in addition to taking their divergent opinions for complementary ideas. What form the recipe for the perfect marriage.

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